What’s an ERP System and why you should use it

This article is going to provide you the answer of whats an ERP system. You will be given the exact explanation to the question and you will understand it fully without any confusion that would alter the definition. Also, you will be shown several benefits of the software as well as why you should use it. Well, let us head to them, shall we?

What is an ERP system?

As mentioned earlier, we will provide with you with an explanation of what an ERP system really is. In order to answer it as brief as possible, then, the ERP system is a group of applications which is designed to manage several core processes that make a business run properly, including, but limited to, customer support, inventory management, sales effort, purchasing, accounting resources, Human Resources, and more. The system integrates those different applications into one-unlike the individual software which you can sometimes find when working at a business.

ERP is able to help you and your employees to collect, keep, arrange, and process different data from different units in a business. Many back-office tasks can be executed automatically with its centralized database and streamlining workflows that affect multiple departments in your company is also possible by using it. In turn, thanks to its practicality and synchronicity, gaining more profit is definitely possible-as well as making your work more efficient and making costs to spend becomes lower. Well, now you know whats an ERP system!

Reason to use it

  1. It increases efficiency
    By integrating different business processes like marketing, accounting, sales, inventory, and production, you can collect different data across different divisions in the organization conveniently. Also, daily tasks like the manual data entry and generating reports can be executed automatically. Your teams will have a higher degree of freedom in focusing on their core purposes since they no longer need to do some processes that are repetitive. Managers and stakeholders will also have a way to do look-ups quickly by clicking the details available.
  2. It is easier to collaborate
    The next thing why you should use ERP is that it promotes collaboration within your business. By breaking down the borders between each department and integrating the data storage by linking local workstations, your teams now can easily collaborate with others that are still within the platform. Also, teams and headquarters that are located in remote areas can be connected as well. In the end, your business is more competitive since innovations are easier to be created and playing as a team is more practical.
  3. Data security is more assured
    Also, the security of your company data is the thing that will be safe if you use ERP since it is always equipped with firewalls and several sets of controls that are restrictive. Data breach is highly unlikely since you only have single data storage to guard upon. The security, therefore, is more concentrated and it is way easier to monitor. Well, now, you understand whats an ERP system and the reasons why you should use it!

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